South African Com.X IP PBX speaks with a English South African dialect

Posted on: 09 December 2013



Far South Networks is a “proudly South African” designer and manufacturer of IP PBX and SIP Gateway products. Far South Networks is also a proud user of and contributor to the Asterisk open source platform, the world’s most widely adopted open source communications platform.

By default, every Asterisk download includes a set of voice prompt files containing the recordings of “Alison”, a female voice of North American origin. By default, it is these voice recordings in a “female, Canadian dialect” which direct the Asterisk PBX user as voice prompts through all the operation aspects of their telephony platform.

But what about us proud South Africans? Do we have a choice..?  

Now you do with the Com.X IP PBX and SIP Gateway solution from Far South Networks.

In 2006, TrueVoice Communications and Connection Telecom jointly released a South African package of over 340 free prompts for the open source Asterisk platform.

Working with this base package of neutral South African voices, Far South Networks carried out significant modifications and enhancements to these recordings, such that they may be seamlessly plugged into the Com.X IP PBX.

Now we’re talking!   

Far South Networks is pleased to make available two packages of South African voice prompts for the Com.X IP PBX and SIP Gateway product range; one featuring the voice of “Kevin”; an English speaking South African male, and the other, “TL”; an English speaking South African female.

Both packages are available instantly, downloadable directly through the Com.X GUI from the Far South Networks software repository and allow the user to easily manage the active voice prompts running on their IP PBX.

For further technical details refer to the on-line technical note, available at: