Wanderbox duo delivers enterprise-grade services to SMEs

Posted on: 01 February 2017

The launch of Wanderbox duo in February is set to give small businesses access to a unified communications (UC) device designed to provide enterprise class services to the SME market.

Far South Networks, a local designer and manufacturer of next-generation IP telephony platforms, is launching the new solution which will replace the current Com.X5 offering, which has come to the end of its lifecycle.

Grant Broomhall, MD of Far South Networks, explains that the new Wanderbox duo provides significant enhancement to the existing Com.X5 solution, as well as delivering a wide range of additional benefits.

“For starters, Wanderbox duo offers customers a new generation hardware platform with all the latest chipsets at an equivalent price. It also offers extensive performance upgrade paths in comparison. With fewer moving parts, the devices are even more reliable solid state units, meaning fewer potential points of failure,” he says.

“Wanderbox duo is a low-cost device that is rack mountable and supports up to eight telephony ports. It can scale from four, eight, 12 or even 16 VOIP business lines, which can service more than 50 people in an office. This is ideal for our resellers, who can now stock a single box to supply a multitude of market sectors.”

“Wanderbox duo also connects a company’s existing communications infrastructure and new generation IP and Web services. It provides resilient communications services, even over constrained networks. In addition, users also gain access to our cloud-based Wanderweb service, thereby delivering an unbeatable, all-in-one value package for the small business owner,” he continues.

Wanderweb, explains Broomhall, provides enterprise-grade unified communications (UC) features, including hi-definition Voice, Instant Messaging and Presence, and delivers true mobility to SMEs. Through Wanderweb, users remain connected to the business via any Internet-enabled device, such as a smart phone or laptop, thus servicing a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment.

“Unlike many competing solutions, Wanderbox duo is designed and manufactured in South Africa, for South African conditions, using open standards and open architectures.”

“Ultimately, Wanderbox duo and the access it provides to Wanderweb means that whatever your business, you are always connected. In today’s 24/7 business world, being connected anywhere, at any time and via any device means that wherever you are, you can effectively always carry your business desktop in your pocket – and that means that small businesses can now compete on a much more equal footing with their larger competitors,” concludes Broomhall.