Interoperability tests between Far South and Escene

Posted on: 28 August 2017

Far South Networks, a world leading designer and manufacturer of IP telephony platforms and Escene, a designer and manufacturer of IP phones, as distributed by SSTelecoms in South Africa, announced today the successful completion of interoperability testing between their products.

The Far South Networks range of IP PBX and SIP Gateway products includes the Com.X10, for SMEs, and Com.X20, for larger corporate enterprises. Com.X platforms are built on Intel x86 class servers with expandable support for all types of legacy telco interfaces.

In early 2017, Far South Networks launched the Wanderbox range of IP PBX and SIP Gateway products. Built on the ARM processor, the Wanderbox device integrates an established and mature, market leading IP PBX software stack at a price point which is most affordable to the smaller businesses owner. For instant connectivity, the Wanderbox CPE device includes WiFi and optional GSM / LTE, as well as the traditional wired VOIP and telecoms interfaces.

“The Escene range of IP phones provides an ideal complement to the Wanderbox PBX for smaller businesses,” said Grant Broomhall, MD of Far South Networks. “Escene products offer a stylistic design with advanced features at highly competitive price points. This product bundle enables small businesses’ with the most affordable means of upgrading their infrastructure with cutting-edge communication services without compromising style and reliability.”

Escene IP phones integrated with this interoperability testing plan includes both Ethernet based models, GS620N, ES290N and ES220, and WiFi based models, WS320 and WS290N. As these devices are now supported within Far South Networks auto-provisioning functionality, resellers and ISP’s are afforded a simple installation process which exposes the phone and PBX’s full feature set to the business client.

“Escene is a great brand and creates an alternative option that works well with the Far South Networks PBX product line. Escene has a unique WiFi functionality that will complement the Wanderbox PBX product,” said Anriko Opperman, Business Development Manager of SSTelecom. “This makes for an easy deployment without the need for cabling to the phones.”