Wanderbox’s LTE option makes it easy to join the digital revolution

Posted on: 23 October 2018

SMEs needing robust and reliable connectivity to drive their digitisation strategies need look no further than Far South Networks’ new line of LTE-enabled Wanderbox’s

In today’s world of rapidly evolving technologies, business owners are planning a digital transformation roadmap, in order to attain the business benefits this approach promises. The foundation for digitisation, of course, is nothing less than robust and reliable connectivity. While it is generally accepted that such connectivity should be in the form of fibre, the arrival of high-speed LTE offers organisations a different option.

In the small and medium enterprise (SME) space in particular, obtaining fibre or maintaining ADSL connectivity can come with a range of different challenges. Whether it is poor connectivity from an ADSL link, due to high network contention ratios, or the lengthy time delays associated with a new fibre installation, SMEs find themselves facing an uphill struggle to join the digitisation bandwagon.

It is for this reason, explains Grant Broomhall, MD of Far South Networks, that high-speed LTE is increasingly becoming the go-to connectivity solution of choice. It offers a high-quality service that works well for data rich services.

“Understanding the SME market’s needs in this respect, Far South Networks has now installed an option for an LTE service in its new Wanderbox and Com.X range of Gateways and PBXs. This means that SMEs can have immediate access to a quality broadband offering that will be more than sufficient for most SMEs needs,” he says.

As a company with a well-regarded reputation as a local designer and manufacturer of next-generation IP telephony platforms, Far South Networks has made the process of connecting to LTE simple and easy, he continues.

“Essentially, the customer needs to take out a GSM data contract or a pre-paid contract with their chosen mobile service provider. They then simply insert the SIM into the Wanderbox, turn it on and can immediately connect.”

“Using LTE via Wanderbox means there is no need for the physical installation of broadband cables or outdoor radio units. Neither is there a need for telecom cables and termination boxes from Telkom, or for trenches to be dug by a fibre operator. And of course, once installed, fibre can still be damaged by roadworks or construction, while ADSL lines can be impacted by power surges cause by lightning strikes. LTE, however, is GSM-based and thus not subject to such challenges,” states Broomhall.

He adds that from a security standpoint, Far South Networks’ LTE-enabled products also offer a best-of-breed Linux firewall, along with integrated monitoring, hack detection and blacklisting tools. It also means SMEs can manage both their data and voice services over a single broadband connection, meaning a single account for billing as well.

“Moreover, we have both single and dual LTE options available, each with their own dedicated SIM. This means that an organisation with heavy broadband requirements can link both SIMs to the same provider, allowing them to double their bandwidth. Alternatively, they can use a dual link connected to two different providers, offering redundancy for their voice and data requirements. Naturally, the solution works with all the key service providers – Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Business.”

“If you are a modern SME that wants to join the digital revolution and begin building its future immediately, if you want to ensure your business has a high level of redundancy or if you simply want quick and easy access to high speed connectivity, Far South Networks’ LTE service in Wanderbox and Com.X Gateway and PBX is the easiest and most cost-effective answer,” he concludes.