Com.X Certified Technician

Course description:

  • It is an outcomes-based curriculum that provides in-depth understanding and advanced hands-on technical skills to participants.
  • The training takes the form of a detailed technical evaluation curriculum that presents scenarios and goals to be achieved to the participant.
  • The participant makes use of all the resources typically available to technicians supporting Far South Networks products.
  •  In addition, the participants have access to telephonic and email-based help from the Far South Networks 3rd line support and development team itself.
  • Using these resources, the participant practices and works through the scenarios until a confidence level is achieved that warrants evaluation.
  • At this point a Far South Networks XCT instructor may be requested to do an on-site evaluation, or the participant may elect to be evaluated on the Far South Networks premises.
  • Evaluation takes the form of a selection (sub-set) of the full curriculum, selected by the instructor at his discretion, the goals of which must be achieved in person using the Far South Networks equipment and Training kit.
  • Evaluation is successful if a minimum mark of 80% is achieved.


  • Participants must already be in possession of a certificate of attendance of the Com.X Basic Training
  • Participants must have access to a Com.X Training and test kit (such access may be arranged at the FSN premises if the applicant is not associated with a distributor)


  • System management: Accessing the unit, Network configurations, Configuration management, Updating the unit, System capacity, System security
  • PBX management: iTA management, Port configuration, Managing extensions, Managing trunks, Call routing, Advanced features, CDRs and TMS integration, Echo cancellation and fax
  • Flex Path: Concepts, Class of service, Partitioning (multi-tenant), Trunk gateways, Trunk port DID assignment
  • Diagnostics: Visual indicators, Cabling, Stack, port, channel, peer and registry diagnostics, Call tracing, System and network diagnostics, MPC diagnostics, Services, Common problems / requests, Additional topics


  • In-depth hands-on experience with the Far South Networks product range.
  • XCT certification.
  • Registration on the Far South Networks Technical Announcements list
  • Access to 3rd line support and the Far South Networks development team for feature and support requests
  • Company and participant’s and details are listed on the Far South Networks website as a certified XCT consulting firm / consultant
  • Access to early release beta-test initiatives
  • Access to Trainer Certification

Duration: A preparation period of preparation no longer than 2 calendar months from registration. The evaluation session comprises 1 day.

XCT Certification

  • Provides comprehensive technical depth to technical personnel
  • XCTT trainer’s certification prepares trainers to present our Sales and Basic training courses.

We require accredited distribution channels to provide the necessary XCT certified technical personnel, to support their dealer network.

Course Content

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