Com.X Certified Trainer (XCTT)

Description: The Com.X Certified Trainer

  • Prepares the participant for the dynamics inherent in presenting the Com.X Basic Training course.


  • Participants must have an XCT certificate.
  • Participants must have access to a Com.X Training and test kit and sufficient stock to run the Com.X Basic Training course


  • Course logistics: Venue requirements, quality and type of 3rd party equipment and infrastructure, participant materials (technical guides, feedback forms, contact details, flash disk content for distribution), Attendance certificate generation, post-course follow-up
  • Course preparation: Setting up the venue, powering and connecting the equipment, configuring the Telco simulator, connecting and testing cabling
  • Course theory: About FSN, the website, navigating the Administrator’s guide and other resources, presenting the Order process, Model numbering, presenting Swap-out policies and Warrantees, presenting Physical equipment installation
  • Course practical: Topic and scenario flow, Topic prioritisation and technical Q&A, Checkpoints and pacing the practical scenarios
  • Troubleshooting: Practical steps to diagnose problems while training, common participant mistakes.


  • XCTT certification.
  • Access to the Com.X Basic Training curriculum materials and system configuration
  • Company and participant’s and details are listed on the Far South Networks website as a certified training facility / consultant


1 day.