Level 2 PBX Training

We highly recommends Level 2 PBX training (previously known as Advanced Intermediate) for installers of Far South Networks’ products wishing to provide superior service levels to their clients.


Course description:

  • Provides an in depth view of the Wanderbox and Com.X PBX & Gateway product range
  • Review of Com.X & Wanderbox theory
  • Equips the participant with in depth skills to implement advanced PBX features, as well as Gateway configuration and security concepts


  • Participants must provide their own terminals (i.e. laptops) with Ethernet LAN port and cable for connecting to the training kit.
  • Participants should be familiar with PBX and telecommunications concepts and terminology.
  • Participants should be able to configure basic PC networking and operate a web browser.

Topics: Course outline

  • Bulk provisioning and management of IP endpoints via spreadsheet database
  • Flexpaths (architecture & configuration)
  • Flexpath Use Cases (Class of service, Gateway, Multi-tenant)
  • Gateway (Flexpath) call recording
  • Call recording, voicemail management, voicemail to email
  • Advanced PBX features: Time-conditions, Parking lot, IVR, Follow-me, DISA, Call Back, Camp-on Call back, Ringback-on-Transfer
  • Advanced inbound routing (CID name prefix, match CID)
  • Firewall & security concepts


  • Advanced accreditation as a Far South Networks Reseller
  • Advanced knowledge of PBX and Gateway products deployment and management
  • Advanced usage of Wanderweb in commissioning, configuration and operation

Duration: 1 day