Sales Training

Far South Networks offers Sales Training Courses.

Courses are presented in depth by Certified Far South Networks Trainers.

Business Partner Sales Training is available online to our channel partner sales staff.

Benefits to Gateway and PBX Sales Training

  • Understanding of Far South Networks value proposition
  • Vision of the technology road-map accessible to customers of Far South Networks products
  • Detailed understanding of how to build a hardware solution using Gateway and PBX products
  • Understand the complete software feature set
  • Clear vision of the features and benefits of product value added applications including Wanderweb UCaaS


Step 0 - Self Study

Access a comprehensive range of presentations exposing a detailed overview of the Sales Training Curriculum

Chapters include:

Module 1: Introduction to Far South Networks

Module 2: Security

Module 3: Reliability

Module 4: Hardware Products

Module 5: User Phones

Module 6: PBX Features

Module 7: UCaaS and Mobility

Step 1 - Choose Your Course

Far South Networks offers 3 sales training courses

Business Partner Sales Training (online videos)

PBX Sales Training
Gateway Sales Training

Comprehensive Sales Training

Sales Training

Step 2 - Book Your Course

Book your course

Far South Networks staff facilitate sales training events for its Channel Partner sales staff.

To schedule a Comprehensive Sales Training Course, please send us a training request for individual or group sessions to meet your needs.

Register here to begin your online Business Partners PBX Sales Training Course.

Register "here" to begin your online Business Partners Gateway Sales Training Course.(Launch pending January 2019)

Step 3 - Attend Training

Enjoy 4 hours of deep learning exploring the markets and feature sets of Far South Networks products.

Even better, login here and complete the online sales training course and surprise your colleagues with your certificate of accreditation!

Step4 - Become Accredited

Receive your sales training certificate and join the Far South Networks family of accredited sales professionals.