Technical Training

Far South Networks offers Technical Training Courses.

Courses are presented by Certified Far South Networks Trainers on a regional basis.

Our technical workshops are hands-on sessions, interacting with PBX and Gateway products and configuring these in multiple real-world scenarios.

Benefits to Gateway and PBX Technical Training

  • Enables smooth installation of PBX and Gateway products
  • Establishes a best practice configuration methodology
  • Equips technicians to engage and employ more features available within the product line
  • Gain recognition for technical competency
  • Build credibility with clients
  • Enable technicians to unlock the full potential of our versatile product ranges

Technical Training Schedule

The table below presents the existing, committed training date schedule:

Training course Region  Jan 2019  Feb 2019 Feb 2019 March 2019
Level 1 PBX Durban
Level 1 PBX Cape Town  24 Jan
Level 1 PBX Johannesburg  31 Jan  21 Feb
Level 2 PBX Durban
Level 2 PBX Cape Town  25 Feb
Level 2 PBX Johannesburg  1 Feb  22 Feb


In order to book a seat, please send an email listing your requirements!


Step 0 - Self Study

Click here to access a range of technical demonstration videos, including:

(i) "Beginners guide videos" to configuring Far South Networks Gateway and PBX products

(ii) Detailed system configuation videos

(iii) Operator Panel application guide

Step 1 - Choose your course

Choose your course

We require that all installers of Far South Networks’ products attend Level 1 PBX or Gateway Training.

Product Training

Far South Networks Product Training offers 5 technical training courses

Step 2 - Book your course

Book your course

Far South Networks and its distribution partners facilitate technical training events for its Channel Partner technical staff.

Go to the training schedule to view the existing training date schedule.

If you are unable to attend the available courses please send us a training request and we will notify you when there is another course available.

Step 3 - Attend the training

Enjoy one or two exciting days of deep learning, exploring the functionality and expressing the feature sets of Far South Networks products.

Even better, return to work with your own PBX device and demonstrate to your colleagues and customers the magic of Far South Networks communications products.

Step4 - Become technically accredited

Receive your technical training certificate and join the Far South Networks family of accredited technical professionals.