Far South Networks offers Product and Sales Training Courses.

Courses are presented by Certified Far South Networks Trainers through our distributors on a regional basis.

Our technical workshops are hands-on sessions, interacting with Com.X products and all the supported telco interfaces.

Benefits to Com.X Product Training

  • Enables easy installs of Com.X products.
  • Equips technicians to engage/employ more features in the Com.X range.
  • Gain recognition for technical competency.
  • Build credibility with clients.
  • Enable technicians to unlock the full potential of our versatile product ranges.

On-line Training Videos

Beginners guides to configuring Far South Networks PBX products:

Chapter 1, Accessing a Com.X GUI

Chapter 2, Extensions: Analogue

Chapter 3, Extensions: Setting up a managed IP phone on a Com.X PBX

Chapter 4, Extensions: Configuration Options

Chapter 5, Extensions: Bulk provisioning via Spreadsheets

Chapter 6, SIP Trunk Configuration

Applications videos:

Operator Panel & User Heads Up Display

Detailed system configuration videos:

Com.X tutorial: Chapter 3, Commissioning a Com.X (part 1)

Com.X tutorial: Chapter 3, Commissioning a Com.X (part 2)

Next Training Dates

The table below presents the existing training dates schedule:

Training course Region  April 2017  May 2017 June 2017 July 2017
Level 1 PBX Johannesburg   13 July
Level 1 PBX Cape Town   27 July
Level 2 PBX Johannesburg   14 July
Level 2 PBX Cape Town   28 July


In order to book a seat, please send an email listing your requirements!


Step 1

Choose your course

(We require that all installers of Far South Networks’ products attend Com.X Basic Training)

Product Training

Far South Networks Product Training offers 5 technical training courses

Step 2

Book your course

Go to the list of certified distribution partners. Select the relevant website and select your course, location, date and register.

If you are unable to attend the available courses please send us a training request and we will notify you when there is another course available.

Step 3

Attend course and be evaluated.


Become certified and receive a certificate.