Wanderweb Level 1 Training

All service providers wishing to deploy Wanderweb Unified Communications & Collaboration services to their Far South Networks’ based PBX and Gateway clients should attend Wanderweb Level 1 training.

Cost: R1295

Course description:

  • Wanderweb Level 1 training is carried out online, as a web service
  • The Wanderweb Level 1 course provides a broad overview of the Wanderweb UC&C platform
  • The course equips the participant with the necessary practical skills to configure, administrate and  maintain UC&C services to Far South Networks Wanderbox and Com.X PBX and Gateway based clients
  • It introduces the participant to the roles and services available via Wanderweb Connect and Talk services
  • The participant gains access to a cloud based, virtual PBX (aka Wanderbox and Com.X) for the period of training, on which they are expected to enact all chapters of the curriculum

Course outline:

Training curriculum is available on-line: https://sites.google.com/site/wanderwebtraining/home

  • Creating Wanderweb organizations
  • Creating new users and association with organizations
  • Creating and managing Wanderweb Groups
  • Adding Device s to Wanderweb
  • Licensing Devices and Users for Connect and Talk services on Wanderweb
  • Creating and Assigning “extensions” on Wanderweb
  • Accessing the PBX, via GUI and SSH, for configuration and management
  • Maintaining PBX device configuration


  • Participants must have access to a computer installed with the Chrome web browser and which is connected to the open internet
  • Participants should be familiar with PBX and telecommunications concepts and terminology.
  • Participants should be able to configure basic PC networking and operate a web browser.

How to gain access to the course:

Apply online at: https://sites.google.com/site/wanderwebtraining/online-training-request

All training orders to be submit via either:

The trainee will receive a “Wanderweb Level 1 training” coupon.


1 month (30 days) from purchase of “Wanderweb Level 1 training”.

Training begins when the trainee registers and enters the Wanderweb Level 1 training coupon as described at: https://sites.google.com/site/wanderwebtraining/getting-started-promo-code-and-registration


  • Accreditation as Wanderweb Maintainer (and Administrator)
  • Practical knowledge of Wanderweb commissioning, configuration and operation
  • Accreditation for the Level 1 PBX training course


  • Upon registration, the trainee has 1 month to successfully complete the curriculum