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March 2014

New turbo charged Com.X platforms plus free value added software feature release

Com.X10 and Com.X Turbo

Far South Networks is proud to announce the release of two new Com.X platforms which provide significantly increased performance for the SMME to Enterprise business market.

The Com.X10 platform, having established a popular foothold in the mid-range SMME market, now supports a "turbo" model which provides an effective two fold performance increase.

The Com.X10 "turbo" supports up to 60 G.729a CODEC's, providing an incredibly cost effective dual Primary Rate ISDN SIP Gateway. Turn on the PBX feature sets and the Com.X10 "turbo" supports more than 250 users (IP or analogue phones) and up to 120 simultaneous calls.

The new Com.X20 platform replaces the now discontinued Com.X2 and provides a 6 fold performance increase at less than twice the price.


The Com.X20 supports up to 360 G.729a CODEC's and offers the best priced 8 or 12-port Primary Rate ISDN SIP Gateway on the market today. Integrating a 128GB solid state drive for non-volatile storage, the Com.X20 provides greater call recording capacity while increasing overall system longevity. With the PBX feature set enabled, the Com.X20 supports in excess of 1000 users (IP or analogue phones) and up to 720 simultaneous calls.

All Com.X platforms leverage seamless telephony port expansion using the Comma iTA, a "Com.X line card in a box".

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Case Study: Smart Village

Far South Networks, the local designer and manufacturer of telecoms equipment solution, brings connectivity to large gated communities

Smart Village, majority owned by Multichoice, successfully used Far South Networks communications platforms to provide reliable, quality telephony services to their clients in large gated community environments, and they have stood the test of time. Far South Networks products were chosen after products from similar "best of breed" international vendors were unable to provide a reliable and stable solution.

Performing the role of a successful next generation telecommunication service provider in a legacy telecoms environment requires a powerful mixture of technology that is both smart and robust.

In 2009, Far South Networks supplied communications platforms to Vodacom Gated Services which now forms part of Smart Village. Vodacom Gated Services was servicing many large "Gated Community" clients in the Western Cape. There were unique South African challenges to deploying reliable, quality voice and data services to these clients. Far South Networks' Comma iTA range of devices were able to offer Smart Village equipment as a solution to these challenges.

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Get Com.X Trained!

Get trained and take the Com.X range to the next level.

Did you know that Far South Networks offers a range of Product Training courses presented by Certified Far South Networks Trainers through our distributors.

Our technical workshops are hands-on sessions, interacting with Com.X products and all the supported telco interfaces.

The main benefits to Com.X Product Training are:

• Enable smooth installs of Com.X products.

• Equips technicians to engage/employ more features in the Com.X range.

• Gain recognition for technical competency.

• Build credibility with clients.

• Enable technicians to unlock the full potential of our versatile product ranges.

After completing the Com.X 1 Basic Training, The 2 day Com.X Advanced Intermediate Training (AI) takes you to the next level.

To see the AI training course outline click here.

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Tech Tips – March 2014

1. Far South Networks: A Journey in Technology
Read all about the technical story of Far South Networks' revolutionary product development. This is a high level, technical presentation, starting in 2006 with the Comma iTA and evolving into the "3-in-One" Com.X IP PBX.

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2. Budget Trunk feature
Learn how to use the Com.X Budget Trunk feature to limit the allowable call minutes routed on outbound calls through any available Com.X trunk or trunk group.

For SMME's using the Com.X IP PBX, the budget trunk feature will allow you to manage your office telecoms account and cap your offices maximum spend.

For the VoIP carrier, the budget trunk feature will allow you to optimise the VoIP related cost saving to your Com.X based clients. Now you can control outbound call minutes routed over your client's existing, legacy "premicel' contract and maximise the call routing to your own VoIP network.

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3. VLAN Management of IP Phones
There are many benefits to hosting your IP phones on a VLAN, for example, improving LAN performance, increased security and ease of ongoing maintenance.

Com.X provides a simple GUI based means of configuring a VLAN between the IP PBX and a Yealink IP phone.

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4. Using DISA to support remote users on the Com.X IP PBX
Does your business need to support remote workers or consultants while wishing to show these as "in the office" to your external clients? The Com.X IP PBX can do all of this for you while reducing associated call costs using "On Net" or VoIP call rates.

Setup and configure the Com.X IP PBX to provide remote users with local presence, inbound and outbound call control, including access to their Call Records and Call Recordings.
For more details refer to the on-line White Paper, available at:

5. Meet Kevin and TL…
Far South Networks is pleased to make available two packages of South African voice prompts for the Com.X IP PBX and SIP Gateway product range; one featuring the voice of "Kevin"; an English speaking South African male, and the other, "TL"; an English speaking South African female.

Both packages are available instantly, downloadable directly through the Com.X GUI from the Far South Networks software repository and allow the user to easily manage the active voice prompts running on their IP PBX.

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