Voice, messaging and data are finally talking. Looks like there is no argument September 2013

Product News
New Com.X5 integrating 3 products in one package

The latest product from communications equipment designer and developer Far South Networks is the Com.X5 Integrated Access Gateway, a smart solution for the smaller office.

Voice and data convergence happen seamlessly through the device which is designed as a 3-in-one solution. It provides a router/firewall and SIP Gateway with an optional PBX on one simple and easy to install device. In addition, managed voice and data services are provided, as is dynamic, multi-level call routing prioritisation.

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Case Study

Peace of mind for emergency calls

For South African national emergency medical care network ER24 having a robust and reliable telephone exchange system is a non negotiable.


The company, which is owned by Medi-Clinic Corporation, handles thousands of emergency phone calls every day. For callers being able to connect quickly enables the ER24 call centre to dispatch a vehicle to the emergency scene and save lives.


Far South Networks was approached by Activate Telecoms, a Johannesburg-based reseller of their products, to architect a solution for their client based on the Com.X SIP Gateway product.


ER24 wanted a system with voice connectivity that would function regardless of whether there was a network failure from their … read more…


Get Com.X Trained!

Get trained and take the Com.X range to the next level.

Did you know that Far South Networks offers a range of Product Training courses presented by Certified Far South Networks Trainers through our distributors.

Our technical workshops are hands-on sessions, interacting with Com.X products and all the supported telco interfaces.

The main benefits to Com.X Product Training are:

Enable smooth installs of Com.X products.

Equips technicians to engage/employ more features in the Com.X range.

Gain recognition for technical competency.

Build credibility with clients.

Enable technicians to unlock the full potential of our versatile product ranges.

After completing the Com.X 1 Basic Training, The 2 day Com.X Advanced Intermediate Training (AI) takes you to the next level.

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Tech Tips – September 2013

1. Integrate "Click-to-Dial" functionality into business processes
The “HTTP Dialler feature” provides a generic and secure dial facility for the Com.X PBX. Using simple HTTP to initiate the facility ensures easy integration with 3rd party applications.


Now you can use your Com.X PBX’s “HTTP Dialler” feature to initiate a “click to dial” function from within your CRM web application.

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2. Distinctive Ring
Now with Com.X support of the distinctive ring features, the user has the ability to configure their phones to ring with different ring-tones, depending on the source of the call: an external call, an internal call or a call that has been transferred.

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3. Limiting call duration
Now the Com.X business owner can limit the abuse of company phones calling external parties. The Com.X Administrator can implement a call termination feature which will automatically cut calls after a certain amount of talk time. This terminates the call and will force internal calling parties to re-establish a call if required.

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4. Monitoring and creating custom alerts on Com.X
The Nagios application provides an expandable and highly customisable platform for monitoring of system services and network health. Com.X units ship with a Nagios Core suite preconfigured to monitor an assortment of services and features. Nagios can be used to generate alerts in the form or SMS or emails to a designated recipient. Refer to the Com.X Administrators Guide, chapter 6.19 for supported features.


Nagios offers an incredibly customisable platform and so it is relatively simple to extend this suite of scripts with monitoring points of your own design.


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