PBX & Gateway Provisioning Program

Save time with your next PBX and Gateway installation.

Let Far South Networks provision your Com.X or Wanderbox to your customers requirements.
Includes 2 weeks support.

Its simple, quick and convenient!

Need HELP configuring your PBX or Gateway?

We will:

  • Pre-configure your Far South Networks device to your customers specifications
  • Provide 2 weeks technical support during installation and customer sign-off!

You can order this service for products already shipped OR with a brand new product order.

How do I order this service?

  • Provide us with your company Purchase Order listing:
    • Device serial number (if already shipped)
    • Service part number and price (refer to official Far South Networks price list)
  • Complete the PBX Provisioning Manual

Far South Networks will create the necessary device configuration, load it onto your PBX or Gateway device (remote access will be required if the device is already shipped) and support your technical team for 2 weeks to achieve customer sign-off!

Terms & Conditions of service

  • Far South Networks requires the customer to complete the PBX Provisioning Manual for every order placed.
  • The device serial number of the unit to be configured must appear on the PBX Provisioning Manual; if the unit is not new (i.e. the unit has already been dispatched to the customer).
  • In order for Far South Networks to complete configurations and support the ongoing site testing of a device, Far South Networks requires remote access to the unit. It is thus the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Far South Networks has open internet access to the unit on site.
  • The customer is required to schedule a data and time for Far South Networks Technical Services to conduct all Configuration support tasks. It is the customers’ obligation to honor this time and date. The customer must advise Far South Networks, 2 hours ahead of time, should there be any need to reschedule. Far South Networks reserves the right to charge the customer should any time delays result from this not occurring.
  • Once the final configuration is completed, uploaded and accepted by the customer, Far South Networks will support the customer device for a additional support period of 2 weeks only.
  • The customer may be allowed one iteration of configuration changes during this support period but any changes should fall within the scope as defined by the original PBX Provisioning Manual.
  • Should the customer require any additional configuration changes to be enacted by Far South Networks thereafter, Far South Networks reserves the right to charge the recommended technical services rates accordingly.
  • Any additional configuration or feature customization which is required but falls outside of the scope of the PBX Provisioning Manual shall be quoted for accordingly.
  • Far South Networks will not be held responsible for any losses that incurred by the client after the final sign-off.
  • Customer site, network and device security are always the responsibility of the customer. Far South Networks will not be held responsible for any damages to or loss or duplication of customer data as a result of any third party access to or security violation of the customers’ device or devices accessible on the customer site.