Advanced Replacement Program

Far South Networks offers an Advanced Replacement Contract (ARC) for use with its products

Advanced Replacement Program

What is an Advanced Replacement Contract?

This service safeguards the customer in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. If a hardware failure does occur and is reported to Far South Networks technical support department, Far South Networks will ensure that an advanced replacement unit is delivered to the customer within the shortest possible time.

  • An ARC affords the product with software assurance
  • An Advanced Replacement Unit is not deemed to be new; however it is supplied to the distributor/reseller “as new” in 100% working order.
  • An ARC is purchased for a specific Far South Networks product, based on that product’s part number and/or serial number. The contract is only valid for advanced replacement of the product that it was purchased for.
  • ARC cannot be purchase for a product which is discontinued.
  • ARC is only valid for a unit which has a valid warranty or extended warranty. Thus by default, an ARC maximum period is 3 years.
  • ARC must be purchased with the original product.
  • ARC applies for 1 calendar year from date of ARC purchase.
  • An ARC can be renewed within the month prior to the existing ARC’s period ending.
  • Far South Networks reserves the right to decline renewal of or offer a new ARC at any time.

Purchasing ARC’s

An ARC may be purchased in the following situations:

  • In addition to a new product order
  • As a renewal to an existing ARC

Contact your tier 1 distributor (click here) for quotation and purchase of all ARC’s

Technical Support and Logistics

RMA procedures

  • Standard technical support and RMA procedures apply.
  • Where a fault is validated by distributor an RMA number is provided as validation.

ARC request procedures

An Far South Networks RMA may be expedited to an advanced replacement request by submission of ARC request form, containing as a minimum:

  • RMA number
  • Far South Networks product serial number
  • ARC contract number
  • ARC terms and conditions
  • Valid signature of the Reseller

Click here for an ARC request form: fsn-ARC-Request-Form

Far South Networks will ensure that an advanced Replacement unit is delivered within the shortest period of time. Where the ARC RMA is concluded before 2pm, Fare South Networks will make its best effort to have a replacement unit ready for same day collection by the distributors’ courier

ARC RMA returns processing

When an RMA unit is received as an ARC swap out, Far South Networks production will validate the cause of failure of the unit and process as follows:

  1. Validate that the received unit serial number matches the unit serial number listed with the RMA record.
  2. Where the product is deemed to have failed due to an “OUT of WARRANTY” condition, the customer will:
    1. Return the advanced replacement unit (for credit), or
    2. Accept a Far South Networks credit note less “parts and labour” to refurbish the same unit to an “as new” condition
    3. Where the product is deemed to have failed “WITHIN WARRANTY” terms, Far South Networks will provide a credit note against the returned product serial number.

Terms and Conditions

ARC’s only run for the length of the products warranty period. Once the warranty period has expired, ARC’s can no longer be purchased for that product. If Extended Warranty (EW) contracts have been purchased for the product, an Advanced Replacement contract can then be extended to cover this EW period.

A product or component of a product that has been subject to abnormal electrical or mechanical abuse, negligence or accident (as determined by FSN) is not covered by this ARC.

If a product is returned and is deemed to have failed due to one of the above listed reasons, then the customer will be required to either:

  • Return the advance replacement unit (for credit),
  • Purchase the advanced replacement unit, or
  • Return the Advance replacement unit (for credit) and pay for repair of the original unit based on standard service charges.

The product must be returned with the original power supplies that were supplied with the product.

Far South Networks will ship the Advanced Replacement unit and power supply in the original packaging or suitable replacement packaging. Far South Networks reserves the right to provide an equivalent product when unable to provide an exact replacement.