Product End of Life Policy

Software Revision End of Life Status

The table below presents the EOL status for all FSN S/W revision for Com.X and Wanderbox PBX product lines.

S/W revision EOL Notice EOL Date Notes
Far South 3CX PBX s/w  Active release
1.5.x  26 August 2020  August 2021 Maintenance only. 3rd line support with valid SA plan.
1.4.x 1 Feb 2019 31 Jan 2020 3rd line support with valid SA plan
1.3.x 1 Feb 2016 31 Jan 2017 Not supported


EOL Notice

Far South Networks presents a future EOL software notice for a currently supported S/W revision.

Upon that date, the affected S/W revision is placed in maintenance.

While in maintenance, Far South Networks will:

  • Cease all new development (features and functionality) for that S/W release
  • Maintain that S/W revision in the Far south online repositories, such that any latent defects are corrected
  • Support its channel partners products where they have a valid SA

EOL Date

A S/W revision EOL date is set exactly 1 year (365 days) after EOL notice.

When EOL date expires, Far South Networks will:

  • Cease all maintenance of that S/W revision
  • Offer no further software release for that S/W revision
  • Host only the last s/w release for a S/W revision, while it was in maintenance

CPE Hardware End of Life (EOL) Policy

The EOL status and supported software for all Far South Networks hardware models is presented in the table below.

Hardware Models H/W EOL status S/W support Available since
Wanderbox (“uno” & duo) Available Gateway – rev 1.5


 1 Jan 2019

26 August 2020



 Available Gateway – rev 1.5


 1 Feb 2019

26 August 2020

Com.X10 (2nd gen, Jetway)

Intel N2930

 Available Gateway – rev 1.5


 10 May 2016

26 August 2020

Com.X10 (1st gen, Lanner)

Intel D425/525

 EOL  1.4  N/A
Com.X5  EOL  1.4  N/A
Com.X2  EOL  1.5  N/A
Com.X1  EOL  1.3  N/A


Com.X5 End of Life Policy

Dates for Com.X5 End of Life

  • End of Sale: 1 February 2017 (product is no longer for sale to new customers)
  • End of Life: 31 January 2020 (the product is no longer serviceable under warranty)
  • End of Support: 31 January 2020 (support for the product is discontinued)

Replacement Product

  • Wanderbox replaces X5 Lite (4 channel)
  • Wanderbox duo replaces X5 (8 and 16 channel) as of February 2017

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