Far South Networks Technical Training

Far South Networks offers Technical Training Courses.

Courses are presented by Certified Far South Networks Trainers on a regional basis.

Our technical workshops are hands-on sessions, interacting with PBX and Gateway products and configuring these in multiple real-world scenarios.

Benefits to Gateway and PBX Technical Training

  • Enables smooth installation of PBX and Gateway products
  • Establishes a best practice configuration methodology
  • Equips technicians to engage and employ more features available within the product line
  • Gain recognition for technical competency
  • Build credibility with clients
  • Enable technicians to unlock the full potential of our versatile product ranges

Technical Training Schedule

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Gateway – Level 1

Trainee should be familiar with all of the below course readings:

Other Wiki’s

Legacy Far South PBX – Level 1

Level 1 online technical training for the end of life Far South PBX is available here.

Technical Accreditation

Gateway – Level 2

Gateway Level 2 technical training sets technical accreditation for installation and maintenance of Far South Networks VoIP Gateway products.

The course consists of two modules:

Training program benefits:

  • Understanding the security aspects of the Gateway Router product
  • Exposure to a full coverage of installation VoIP Gateway scenarios (Analogue & ISDN)
  • Exposure to advanced Gateway routing topics, including failover and flexpaths
  • Understanding in the creation and use of device configuration templates

The course agenda is available here

3CX Technical Training

The 3CX Certification Program is free and open to all. Aimed at VoIP engineers, IT professionals and 3CX users. The Certification provides you with the tools and knowledge required to better understand VoIP technology and 3CX Phone System. It provides the resources needed to deploy, manage and support 3CX VoIP PBX systems.

The program has three certification levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certified. By investing time into our IP telephony certification, partners are able to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and deploy and maintain systems more efficiently.

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Advanced Technical Accreditation

Com.X Certified Technician

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