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  • Introducing Campon Callback

    Campon Callback feature now available on 1.3 Com.x IP PBX systems What is Campon Callback? If a local user dials a busy extension that has campon callback enabled, they will be presented with the offer of evoking a call back. If the user accepts this offer, then the system will monitor the busy extension, and […]

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  • Now Available: South African Asterisk voice prompts on the Com.X range.

    Far South Networks is pleased to make available two packages of South African voice prompts for the  Com.X PBX and SIP gateway product range; one featuring the voice of “Kevin”; an English speaking South African male, and the other, “TL”; an English speaking South African female. Both packages are available instantly, downloadable directly through the […]

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  • 1.3 Backup Restore Features

    Our 1.3.11 software release includes a new, updated back up and restore module, allowing seamless restoration across different Com.X models and from different generations of Com.X software.Backups made on 1.1 and 1.2 systems can now be restored on any 1.3 system without any concern. Upon attempting to restore a backup, you will be able to […]

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  • Com.X 1.3 Network administration module.

    Included in the new features bundled into our 1.3 release software, is a comprehensive network and firewall administration module. The Comma GUI now features a dedicated tab for network configurations, from which all interfaces (physical and virtual) can be configured and managed. From this page: Edit Ethernet LAN ports Create and edit virtual ports on […]

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Far South Networks technical blog. This is the place to find technical information, tips and tricks, expert knowledge and other information related to the Com.X and Comma iTA product range. From time to time we will publish in-depth how-to’s, industry related discussions and anything else which we think is relevant and useful […]

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